Observation of human rights

Appeal by Jews addressed to the Embassy of Israel in Berne

An Appeal by Jews who feel concerned by the observation of human rights in the occupied territories has been handled over to the attention of the Government of Israel. Some 1500 persons have signed the Appeal, which requests the end of the occupation, the settlements and blockade of Palestinian Territories. « We insist on decent conditions of life and security for all inhabitants of Israel and Palestine » says the Appeal which refers to the spirit of Jewish tradition, « as occupation destroys the life perspective of the occupied population and their souls ».

The initiator of the Appeal is Jochi Weil-Goldstein of Zurich. Together with former Ambassador Philippe Levy and Shelley Berlowitz of the Jewish Voice for a Just Peace between Israel and Palestine Switzerland he represented the 23 personalities from Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Israel who first signed the Appeal. The Appeal is supported by distinguished personalities from science and culture. More than 60 percent of the signatures are from the USA, Switzerland an Israel. 32 countries are represented. Two-thirds were handled over in the first five months after the launching in March 2009. Simultaneously, Jochi Weil addressed every day a letter to Jewish institutions or persons to draw their attention to the Appeal.

The complete list of signatories is available on

Contact person : Jochi Weil, Goldbrunnenstrasse 131, CH-8055 Zurich. P

hone 0041 44 462 20 03 p / 0041 44 242 72 44 office afternoon

Zurich / Berne, April 5th 2012